Friday, September 09, 2005

Mission Accomplished

For the past weeks we have been a family at war - with the ant population of Sun Valley. But starting today, we would like to announce the cessation of normal combat operations. We're putting away the Comet and the bay leaves, and the Raid, too. Last week we were about to issue a press release, and have a photo-op with Debra on the kitchen deck with a grand "Mission Accomplished" sign behind her. But then an insurgency caught us by surprise in the sink area, and in one bedroom. Since then we've been persistent in our work. And it's hard work. There are no more signs of the little bug(ger)s. So, we plan to keep some ant traps out, but we're confident that the insurgency is now in its last throes.

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Phil Smith said...

Did Deb fly in and land on the deck? With a really cool flight suit? We too have had a minor skirmish with the ants. Over the weekend I moved the trash to the other side of the kitchen, the equivalent of 57 miles to the ants. Ha! Take that exoskeleton and GO!