Monday, November 07, 2005

The weekend of California Cliches

We spent the weekend with our friends Paul & Sharon Willis and Lisa DeBoer, faculty folk from Westmont College in Santa Barbara. We had a great time hiking, dining, talking about ministry in higher education, and enjoying at least 3 California cliches along the way:

1) A powder-blue Porsche convertible passing us along the Pacific Coast highway with a babe-a-tronski inside and a surfboard poking out a side window.
2) Speaking of surfing, we saw plenty of people in the ocean, trying to "hang ten" or "catch a wave" or whatever they say. But the waves were... well, the picture below shows, they weren't. Most the folks weren't really surfing, they were just bobbing tranquilly in the aptly-named Pacific.
3) Along our drive home, we stopped for a while to watch a pod of dolphins frolicking in the water just a short ways off shore. They seemed to be having more fun than the "surfers." But not more fun than we had.


Mary said...

"Hang 10" is soooo 1975. Now you take your pocket rocket out and try to grab some foam. Avoid the gnarly breaks, bro, cuz they'll totally ding up your board.

Your friend who surfs--which you can't do on Barlow Lake, dang it.

JCR said...

Oh, yeah??! Well, here in Chicago, I get to ... uh ... look at pretty waves like that, too... And long for summer.

And you should see the changing leaves here, too, you monochromatic-nature-viewing, natural-disaster-surviving Valley Boy!