Friday, June 23, 2006

The Learning Never Stops...

Things we Learned at Yosemite National Park:

1) We like waterfalls and trees and mountains WAY better than cactus and rock formations and carved-out canyons. (That's our evening picnic site there to the left).

2) The trail to the Vernal Falls is called the "Mist" trail for a very good reason.

3) When they label a trail "Moderate" difficulty, what they mean is "You will probably survive, if you can avoid the bears and the slippery drop offs into the raging river surging through the vast chasm below." Oh yes. And the "two hour" time estimate? Ha. Fortunately, we're not in any kind of hurry.

Next up: Yellowstone - where the water goes up instead of down.


Mary said...

What an adventure! Stay safe and keep posting! :-)

Mary said...

OH! A friend of mine (Meg the blogger) is in Yellowstone doing her seminary internship w/ A Christian Ministry in the Nat'l Parks. Don't know if you can track her down...but try!