Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gaudiamus Igitur

Consumatum est. I took my Latin final today.

How'd I do?

Let me just say: veni vidi vici bootay (or would it be declined boot-am? Well, quem cura.)

We're thinking of having a toga party this weekend to celebrate, based on a friend's dictum. Crank up the tunes! Gaudeamus Igitur!


Bob K said...

ockray onay, onRay!

(I took German in high school but, as you can see, I excel at certain Latin phrases.)

Nathan said...

Summa bona! (That's Latin for "so cool!" I think.)

I took Latin in high school and college, and it laid the foundation for my interest in language and languages. But at the moment, the only Latin phrase I can summon is semper ubi sub ubi

But now you can enjoy (and correct) my translation of the timeless Wilson Phillips classic "Impulsive" into Latin! (I'm afraid to ask: how'd I do?)