Monday, July 23, 2007

Scenes from Summer

Our posting has been thin lately, and I'm not apologizing for it: we've been taking it easy this summer, as our long years of schooling have trained us to do.

Still, we haven't been completely slovenly, as we've relaxed as hard as we could:

We all enjoyed a week's vacation with our Theologiggle pals in Cincinnati,

and Miriam has spent time at summer soccer camp,

while the boys hang with friends and play with bubbles.

I went fishing with old college pals in Minnesota,

we often hung out at my folks' place on the beach,

and this past week was busy as everyone did some last-week cramming before the big event on Friday night.

Of course, I've also been doing a bit of actual work, helping to host a consultation on Pedagogy and Seminary Worship at Fuller in June, and presenting here and there. Meanwhile, remarking repeatedly how nice it is not to be moving across the country again this summer, Debra has been working on various writing projects, both academic and trade.

Now we find that there are only a few more weeks of summer before the headlong rush into Autumn's crazed business. Augh!

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