Monday, January 12, 2009

The Promise of Spring, sort of

In early December we got a bit of a snowstorm, that came somewhat unexpectedly, and buried Mia's car, parked in front of the house:

Yesterday, after a month of typically Michiganian grey skies and persistent snowfall, we dug that Hawaiian-blue Cabriolet convertible out of the snow as a form of both protest and plea:

Spring IS coming, isn't it? Eventually?


Rachel K. said...

Mia has a car!?!?!

Ron Rienstra said...

It was a gift from her namesake Aunt. 135K miles, and we don't know how long she'll run. But she's working now, and that's what counts.

marty said...

Hi do I sign up as one of your regular followers? And, how about putting a link to my blog now that I am getting good, and regular, at it?
Marty's Musings

And, when someone comments on an entry, how do you respond to their comment? thanks Ron
sorry about all that snow.
Mia could have driven her convertible with the top down the last ten days here! But today, not so much.
cool and rainy, but with the sun playing "shine the spotlight through the clouds on the mountain peaks" just gorgeous!

Peter Wiley said...

I have hope that Spring is just around the corner.

Hi Ron. We got you family letter today. Jen just finished reading it out loud as she always does. Ross giggled as several points, esp. the part about the dog. We always enjoy that annual missive, and it takes us back to Pella days . . . can it be more than ten years ago?!

Not too much new here. Jen is now conducting the Susquehanna Valley Youth Orchestra, and adjunct of the Williamsport Symphony. Concert soon. I am now a volunteer firefighter with the local William Cameron Engine Company. Joanna is reading Jane Austen having recently polished off Rebecca , Gone With the Wind, the unabridged Three Musketeers, much of Agatha Christie and, of course, those vampire books. Ross has just earned his first Gup at TaeKwonDo . . .

Great to hear from you all.