Monday, June 06, 2005

Mia and Alyson Michalka Posted by Hello


Jaime said...

Wow! You got to go to the set of Phil of the Future? That's my favorite did you do that? Did your sister work with the set or something? You're very lucky...I'd love to be in your shoes!!! I live in Hawaii, sadly, so I never get these sort of oppertunities. Well, it was nice visiting your blog. I'm going to browse around a little more, then. Thanks again! :)

Aly and Aj said...

Wow! You met Alyson Michalka! I love the show Phil of the Future,
(trust me in school I keep repeating the lines Alyson Michalka says and everyone thinks it is anoyying, lol) and I like Aly and Aj. I think they are awesome. I love your blog. Just like Jaime I am going to browse more, too.

Aly and Aj said...

BTW my name says it is Aly and Aj, sorry about that. I messed up the name. I was going to write fan but I forgot it so I am not Aly and Aj.