Saturday, June 11, 2005

Middle Kid Scores Big

Award Boy

Not one to let Mia and her soccer bling-bling eclipse his own accomplishments, Jacob raked in too many awards to count at the fourth-grade assembly, held June 9. It was one of those moments when parents swell with pride but have to act embarrassed at the same time. After Jacob's third trip up front, the parents in front of us turned to ask what our secret was. We were tempted to say "Well, uh... we dropped out of the Love & Logic parenting class the school required us to attend..." But we just smiled and shrugged.

We won't list all the awards, but it was pleasing to see that Jacob is a well-rounded fellow, distinguishing himself in athletic events, academic categories, and even Bible memory. His favorite was the coveted "Crusader of the Year," an all-around award for excellent students who also display good attitudes (at least at school--home behavior is mercifully not taken into account). We're not sure whether it's such a great idea to excel as a crusader (what, are you good at pillaging and making disputed claims on Middle Eastern lands?), but we're pretending not to notice that part.

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