Saturday, February 04, 2006

Latest Tabloid Gossip

Most of the readers of this blog will have already received our annual family publication in the mail by now. We Rienstras, ever the non-conformists, don't do a "Christmas" letter. We send out our yearly news and greeting in Epiphany, because we're just too busy during Christmas. Bah humbug.

We also don't do content in the usual way. Actually, we hardly do content at all. But our friends are too polite to mention that they have a hard time discerning any real information about us from an elementary school homework sheet, a fictional book review list, an allegorical map, or any of the other wild ideas we've come up with. But hey, is information the point?

So this year we figured that our letter should reflect a bit of L.A. celebrity culture. Thus, we have produced a mini-tabloid, the SUN Valley News. If you don't have your own copy, you can see it here.


Mary said...

R Family:

LOVED IT! Sat in my room at the Prince and laughed my head off.

It's become an annual Epiphanic delight. I actually passed my copy along to Bets Cooper so she could laugh, too.

The classifieds alone...oh my. Any takers?

Love ya, miss ya.

JCR said...

Ron & Deb,

That newsletter is hilarious. Jacob Dixon's Startling Predictions... too funny. (Wonder how many people clue in to the similarity with Jeanne Dixon, Famous Psychic...)

I predict ... a cross-country trek for you ... right around the vernal equinox ... hijinks ensue ...


Phil Smith said...

Hey Rienstras, I think you guys take top honors for most creative holiday letter (starting with the selection of the holiday!) Maybe next year we will have a Casmir Pulaski letter.