Friday, March 03, 2006

My Sister--Ms. Adventure!

OK - so look at this casting call and consider whether my sister Rachel qualifies: Loves to work outdoors with wildlife? Check. Has a passion for adventure and loves travel. Double-check. Sense of humor and a good attitude. Checks up the wazoo. And to prove it, Rachel made a bang-on audition video.

The good folks at Animal Planet were impressed. They brought her to Maryland where she had a marathon 12 hour audition for all the suits, handling pythons and making small talk with spiders. She came away the indubitable choice for the part.

That's right. It's official. My own superlative sister is going to be Animal Planet's Ms. Adventure. Woo hoo! Soon we'll be seeing her mug all over cable TV, not to mention publicity posters at bus stops (not to be confused with the "missing child" flyers). Way to go, Rachel!


Phil Smith said...

Woo-hoo! That's great, congrats to her. I read her blog a while ago so I knew that she was trying out for the part.

I am reminded of the old Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom. There was always a guy in a virtual red shirt named Jim, and the dialog from the hundred-year-old host was something like, "While Jim sneaks up on the alligator and attempts to steal its young, I will stay here in the comfort of this armored jeep."

We look forward to seeing a blooper reel from the show, and since it is an animal show I'm sure there will be plenty.

Matt said...

Cool, ive met Ms. Adventure America! Impressive video resume and congratulations Rachel.