Sunday, March 19, 2006

Role Reversal

a screenplay

Act I

Scene: Interior house. 360 degree pan: dishes, clothes and other household miscellany scattered about in messy fashion; background noise of children having light-saber fights, complaining about cleaning house; dusting rags, vaccum and other supplies in plain view.

Zoom into bathroom, where we find RON with mop in hand, swabbing a filthy floor. He stops for a moment to catch his breath, wipes sweat from his brow.

* * *

Cut to Living Room, where DEB has just sat down on the couch. She picks up the TV remote, turns it on, and begins flipping through stations. She hits some basketball, and stops surfing. We pan away, and find RON again in the bathroom, picking up the toilet scrubber. Suddenly a voice calls from other room:

DEB: Ron! Hey! How come we aren't watching any of March Madness today?

Ron in bathroom tries to fit his head in the bowl and flushes.

Fade out


bethany said...

maybe deb and I are living in the same "suddenly I care about sports" universe. At least my bracket is doing well...

Mary said...

Hey, Mr. Gender Sensitive:
Role _Reversal_? What are you implying with this? That it should be Deb doing toilets and you with the remote?

I dunno. Bizarro world sounds about right to me....

By the way, my NCAA bracket is toast.

MattyA said...

Hey, at least you can just flip on the TV! If I want to see any of the games I have to go to what is easily the sketchiest bar in Budapest. I really want to watch UCLA-Gonzaga, but it's at 7:00 AM local time, and I can't imagine what that bar looks like then (although they still open 'til 9:00 AM). And as for cleaning, what I wouldn't give for a bottle of Mr. Clean! Most of the cleaning products I've encountered here seem to be water with a little bit of lemon scent mixed in. Can you tell I'm ready for a visit back to the ol' USA?

Debra Rienstra said...


No commentary implied about the way things "should" be -- only about what they have been in our own household for lo, these many years.