Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bizarro World, Act II

a screenplay

Act I
Act II

Scene: Large suburban grocery store. RON has stopped his half-full cart in the produce section. He tests a few melons for ripeness before picking one and putting it into the cart. He checks his watch, and begins quickly pushing the cart from the produce section toward the dairy section. He gets his cell phone from his pocket and dials.


Hi honey, it's me. I'm at Meijer getting some food for tonight and I have 20 minutes to kill before I have to pick up Jacob from soccer. Is there anything you need me to get?


Hmmm. Milk?


Duh. Already got it. Anything else?


(pause) Not that I can think of.


Hey - you seem distracted - what are you up to right now?


Just doing my share of the work of the family.


(Puzzled) OK. I'll see you later tonight.

Cut to closeup of DEB as she puts away cell phone. Slow zoom out as we see her in a local hardware store, with a selection of plumbing parts (specifically, toilet parts) atop the counter between her and the store clerk. The clerk is finishing drawing something on a piece of scrap paper.


(Pointing to the drawing) So I need to put the rubber washers on both sides of the tank to get a tight seal?


That's right. You'll use this brass nut. Then you'll put the tank back on the bowl and reconnect the water supply to this.... (tech talk fades as camera zooms out further)

Fade out

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Mary said...

Bizarro World = New Heaven and New Earth (minus the broken toilets).