Monday, September 10, 2007

What Happened to the Boys in Blue?

It's the curse of the skyboxes.

When a team like the Wolverines loses to the Ducks, after getting whupped the week before, you know there's gotta be some bad karma going on.

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JCR said...

Bad karma? No, just bad coaching -- using the same stale game plans that have been in use at UM since the printing press was invented (at least, it seems that way) -- and poor execution. Any well-coached team with good talent and solid execution will ALWAYS be able to beat a more talented UM team. (Fortunately, Notre Dame is none of those things.)

Watching that game was literally like deja vu all over again: the UM game in 1998 vs. Donovan McNabb and 'Cuse. They humiliated us just like that. What have we learned in the 9 years since then? Apparently nothing. =(