Thursday, September 13, 2007

Your Theological Alter Ego

Let's say you work at an academic institution named after a prominent theologian. (Not that I do; it's a hypothetical. I could be talking about, for example, Wesley Seminary, or Luther Seminary).

How does your own personal theology comport with that of the institution's namesake? How do you fit in amongst those who claim a particular theological heritage? Do you feel perfectly at home among the elect? Do you regularly read whatever is nailed to the doors of the chapel? Is your heart strangely warmed as you enter class?

For those so inclined, check out this quiz and then post your results in the comments.

Two small caveats and an extra-credit assignment:
1) advance apologies for the gender exclusive language
2) of course the quiz is limited. It has to be.
Assignment: How would you amend the quiz if you could? Is there a theologian you'd like to see represented who isn't? Questions you'd like to add?


bethany said...

I got a tie between Anselm and Schleiermacher. Then Moltmann then Calvin. I'm such a theological rebel...

Mary said...

I'm Anselm, then Calvin, then Luther. Guess I'm in the right place...

But where are the questions about GRACE?!

Peter said...

I was Anselm, then Augustine, Moltmann and Luther in a three-way tie for 2nd.

Trivia: Q. Which one of the above four theologians is visiting Seattle this fall?

A. You better believe I'm counting the days 'til Herr Moltmann comes to SPU!!