Thursday, August 11, 2005

Birthday bashing

It was Debra's 40th this past week. "What would you like for your birthday?" I asked her, not really wanting a specific suggestion, but hoping she'd point me in a fruitful direction. "Oh, something that makes me feel young," she responded. "Or something that helps me be comfortable getting old."

Taking her at her word, she received on her birthday the following small gifts:

A can of Monster Energy Drink
A can of Ensure
A copy of the Onion
A copy of the Large Print Edition of Reader's Digest
A pair of funky rectangular mirror sunglasses
A pair of half-moon reading glasses
A pair of skimpy unmentionables
A pair of gramma briefs
A bag of chocolates
A can of prunes
A pair of extreme athletic socks
A pair of support hose

Plus something a bit less of a gag-gift, which we'll blog about later.

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Phil Smith said...


How was the party and such? Did the package arrive in one piece (well, the appropriate number of pieces, anyway).