Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Traveling Mercies

We're now officially on the road-- we'll be leaving in just moments from my folks' cottage in Douglas. We hope to make Council Bluffs, Iowa by night.

Packing yesterday was an ordeal. It took nearly all day, and every square inch of the mini-van is now filled with Rienstraphanalia: Pip's super-hero gadgets, Mia's soccer stuff, Jacob's many books, clothing crammed into garbage bags, hiking gear for our layover at Breckenridge this weekend, and much much more. Barely room for ourselves, actually.

Highway 80 will be a breeze, but we'll need prayers for traveling mercies making our way around the windy city. More tonight...

1 comment:

Mary Hulst said...

I'm praying. Miss you all already. Cute pic from the bday party. :)

Please let me know when you breeze into town over the next year. And keep in touch in the meantime.

Love to all the R's,