Friday, August 26, 2005

Hotel California

Well, we made it home safe and sound, though we had to fight a little L.A. traffic on the 5 during rush hour. But our California abode was right where we left it - clean and cozy and inviting. And not only to us; we discovered a significant infestation of ants in various places around the apartment. In fact, they had been finding their way into the freezer all summer long, and then freezing to death inside. "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..."


Mary said...

For some reason, the last line of that post connected with the frozen ants had me laughing out loud! I can just picture you opening the freezer, getting weirded out by the ants, and then one of you singing Hotel California and cracking the other one up. Maybe that's only how it happened in my mind, but there you go.

Glad you're "home" safely. BTW, finished my last prelim exam today! You are invited to do a happy dance in my honor. :)

Bob K said...

I can play the lead at the end of that song! Great image, though - now when I sing it with the Tunas people will wonder why I'm laughing.