Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Here we go again...

Last winter during the rainy season we endured record flooding here in Sun Valley, which quickly revealed itself as the flood capital of greater LA. Today, after two days of rain, we're back to flood conditions again, with the water rushing down the streets and turning the outer lanes into turbulent rivers. Storm drains? Say, what a novel idea! We should get some!

Waiting to turn the corner from our street onto the main street, up to our chassis in churning water, makes us wish longingly that Pip really did have super powers and could part the waters like Charleton Heston. The kids were saying yesterday that instead of living near Sunland Ave. in Sun Valley, we live near Floodland Ave. in Rain Valley.

It should clear up tonight, we hope in enough time to dry out the soccer fields for tomorrow's practices.

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