Monday, October 10, 2005

Sequoiadendron Giganteum

This weekend we made a pilgrimage to Sequoia National Park, about five hours north of LA. Here we are, paying homage to the world's largest living thing. We discovered many interesting things about these lovely, long-lived, cinnamon-colored giants. For instance, sequoias produce dainty little cones about the size of chicken eggs, while their neighbors in the woods, the skinny, comparatively unremarkable jeffrey pines and sugar pines, produce cones so enormous you could use them to defend yourself against bears. Not that we had to do this, thankfully.


Mary said...

Cute pic! Yours is an extremely photogenic family. 5 hours is a long drive...didja make a weekend out of it? No soccer to conflict?

Love to all the R's!

Ron Rienstra said...

Gone the whole weekend, Friday through Sunday. We made a big deal of it, camping with our good friends the Jacobsens.

Soccer, sadly, was shelved for this particular Saturday. But we had to promise never again to do a fun, educational, once-in-a-lifetime family activity if it meant missing even one regular season game in a string of soccer Saturdays stretching years and years into the future.