Monday, January 02, 2006

Floating Floats

Hey, kids! Let's go down and watch the Rose Parade!

Boy, are we glad we didn't.

Even though the parade takes place just over yonder in Pasadena, we were awfully smart to watch it on TV while lounging--warm and cozy and very dry--on our living room couch. Not so wise were the thousands of people who camped out overnight (no tents allowed!) to claim their rain-slicked spot on the sidewalks lining the parade route, or the thousands who paid thousands for their open-air grandstand seats.

It hasn't rained on this parade in 50 years, but today in true Southern California style, it poured buckets. A Pasadena woman was heard earlier claiming that Pasadena is "blessed," and God certainly wouldn't rain on the Rose Parade. Guess God heard that and thought, "Ha! Lady, I take that as a double-dog-dare!" (See Psalm 68:7-10)

You have to admire the fortitude of the parade participants, smiling and waving and tooting their horns despite frequent gusts of horizontal rain. Imagine all the sodden flower petals, all the ruined wind-instrument reeds and pads, all the runny mascara, all that wet, aromatic horse flesh.

Photos courtesy of the fine LA Times photographers. For more, go here.

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