Monday, January 23, 2006

Movin' on up...

It was another overwhelming weekend of soccer at the Rienstra household.

Jacob's tournament season came to an end as the previously undefeated Destroyers were outplayed on a windy field up at North Hills. Technically, the entire time wasn't outplayed -- we looked like a better overall team. But our opponents had one amazing young fellow, with speed and skilz for days, including a natural left foot. We couldn't find an answer to him. He was like the Kobe Bryant of AYSO soccer on Saturday. Anyway, we're very proud of Jacob, and his development as a player and as a person this year.

Meanwhile, Mia's team has so dominated the AYSO competition in Southern California this year that their coaches are playing with the idea of "going club." This means moving up to the next level of recreational soccer here in California. Club teams require tryouts and certain levels of player and parent commitment and the competitions are a bit more fierce - for example, they don't require that everyone play in a game; it's a step up in many ways.

Thus, the Burbank Fire went this weekend to a Soccer tournament in Anaheim to put themselves up against some Club teams to see whether they had the goods to make it. They entered at the lowest level of competition (bronze), and they were playing in a division of all 14 year olds, when more than half of our team is 13.

So, how did they do? The proof is in the bling-bling. Another undefeated first place medal. They won their games 4-0, 2-1, 4-0, and 2-0. Maybe next tournament they'll start at the Silver division. Or Gold. Or maybe when we get finished this year, they'll have to invent another precious metal division. Plutonium? Californium?


Matt said...

Well done Mia and Jacob, keep it going!

Hope to see you soon!

JCR said...

Congrats Mia and Jacob! It is so fun to read about all your accomplishments out there in the land of 24 hour sunshine! Have the recruiters started knocking on your door yet Miriam???

Love you!

JCR said...

Awesome, Mia & Jacob! You guys ROCK! SWING THAT BLING!

Just remember: all that talk about fair play, sportsmanship, doing your best, BLAH-BLAH-BLAH -- it's all just blather. Remember, in our culture, winning isn't everything; it is the ONLY thing. All that crap about playing "for the love of the sport"? Bunch o' malarkey for losers. Lead, follow or get the heck out of the way!


--Uncle John, soccer god