Sunday, May 14, 2006

Luke 14:23 or something like it

Our imminent departure from Southern California (only a few short weeks) is prompting us more and more to savor each day, and to note those moments that have a distinctive Sun Valley or Fuller flavor. Here's one from last week:

It was a gorgeous spring day in Pasadena last Thursday, and Debra and I decided to hold our class outdoors in Barker Commons. We had a lively discussion about prayer, and it seemed no one's attention was too distracted by the sights (and smells) of the nearby rose garden. It helped that the commons was mostly quiet during class. But as we concluded class, hungry seminary students began to gather noisily around us, forming a queue behind some gigantic kitchen pots. I hadn't noticed how those pots got there, but I knew what was up: it was a curry day. Woo hoo!

One of our wonderful librarians, BJ Dabhade, regularly cooks up gigantic pots of authentic Indian food. He sets them down in Barker Commons and then he wanders around the highways and byways of campus inviting demanding that folks come and eat what he has prepared.

"Come on!" he told our class, "You've got to eat something for lunch! There's plenty of food. Come on!"

We got in line, and after BJ offered a loud and enthusiastic grace, we enjoyed a meal of saffron rice, stewed vegetables, chicken curry and excellent fellowship. All flavored with a hint of eschatological feasting.

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