Saturday, May 20, 2006

This moment in SoCal Composite Culture brought to you by Sun Valley

Just around the corner from our house there is a little strip mall, which includes a small "Donut Inn." The thing is, it only sells donuts in the morning. The rest of the day and into the evening it's a Taqueria, selling tamales and other south-of-the-border food. Lately, business has not been good, I'm guessing. Maybe it's got something to do with the imagined menu: hot chili eclairs and sugar-glazed enchiladas. So not long ago, to drum up business, the Donut Inn procured a fellow we've nicknamed Luigi, obviously a veteran of the brutal Pizza Wars. He's a plasticine advertising gimmick which they put out on the curb every morning to entice people into the restaurant.
You can almost hear him, can't you: "Hola! You a-gonna have-a the burrito con refritos?"

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