Monday, December 19, 2005

Bumble and Burbank Bling-Bling

Those photos of Mia's team with their championship medals are getting a bit dull to post here -- so instead, this week we simply feature "Bumble" from the WinterBlast tournament logo, and record the stats for the finest GU14 team in all of Southern California:
4 wins, 0 losses.
13 goals for, 1 goal against.
8 players scoring, 7 players assisting on goals.
Total of 10 players involved in goal-scoring. One player involved in goal-saving.
You Know!

(P.S. Jacob fell ill and was unable to participate in his team's play this weekend.)


Mary said...

"Burrrbank?" Seriously? What was it, like, 65 degrees?!

Bitterness and envy aside, congrats to Mia and good health to Jacob!

KBush said...

I sang in a service that involved all of the "O Antiphons" this weekend, and there was a short explanation written on the back of the bulletin written by none other than...Ron Rienstra. I thought, "Hey, I know that guy!" Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Hope you all have a merry Christmas!

Matt said...

1 goal conceeded. Not good enough I say. Next tournament it better be no goals against!

Well done Mia (and the rest of the girls). Jacob, hope you have better luck if Bruce gets a team together.