Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Parade

Mia got gussied up last night for a trip with her school's marching band through the streets of nearby Montrose for a Christmas Holiday Parade. She held the school's flag... well, um, straight, I guess. She thinks this picture makes her look like a total band nerd. Runs in the family.

We saw lots of the standard stuff one sees in a local parade: Shriners driving about in tiny cars, kids on pimped out tricycles, local politicians in vintage autos, a dozen office workers from a local realty office taking a hay ride while sipping from schnapps-enhanced cocoa, etc. One especially interesting thing we saw was a group of scantily clad young women: the cheer squad from the School of the Incarnation in Glendale. Debra and I decided that both the Incarnation and Cheer have much to do with the same thing: Flesh and Spirit.

Gimme a "J!" "Gimme an "E"! Gimme an "S"! ....

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