Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us!

As of today, April 30, we have been married 18 years. Just look at those little punks who thought they could keep those momentous, life-changing promises. Wow.

And now look at us--three children, a mortgage, a minivan, one-and-a-half Ph.D.s, and several cross-country moves later.

Last year on our anniversary my mother asked me how many years we had been married. Seventeen, I told her. "Well," she replied, "you're getting there." She and my dad have been married for 57 years. Talk about perspective.

Still, we've lived a lot of life in 18 years. I'm feeling proud, as if this is something we've accomplished, and grateful, because it's not. It's grace.


Phil Smith said...

Congrats Ron and Deb, on 18 years. We had that first Theologiggle 14 years ago last month, when we had been married only a few months.

57 years, is that a typo? They were married in 1949?

Phil (aka the math police)

Mary said...

Congratulations!! And many more.

The picture is toooo funny! I can't believe you posed like that. I was totally LOL when I saw it...

Debra Rienstra said...

Yup, my parents were married in 1948. It will be 58 years officially later this month.

Fortunately all those years come one day at a time. Wow.

Janell (Miss Janell, janell colley) said...

happy anniversary my old friends! i remember the pose like it was yesterday, as well as the clandestine visits to our dorm room and the advice i gave ron to just give up because he would never win deb.

grace, grace, GOD's grace; grace that is greater than all our sins!!!! thank GOD!!