Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In the Desert

Not lots of blogging lately - too busy living. We spent Sunday with some Santa Barbara friends, preparing for a Monday talk Debra and I gave jointly at Westmont College on Christian principles to help couples negotiate the work-family struggle (title: Changing Diapers, Changing the World).

Then today I presided at the table and delivered a sermon on Christian Unity at All-Seminary chapel at Fuller. Now that these major presentations are finished, we are breathing a sigh of relief. But we'll not be catching up on our blogging, I fear. We are today preparing the family for Easter celebrations. We will be following the example of our fourth-century forefathers by taking a Holy Week pilgrimage into the desert. If there is no blog post on Easter Sunday or Monday, send the park rangers after us. We're not the savviest campers. But we should be easy to find; just look for the vultures.

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Mary said...

Enjoy the weekend! Blogging is a low priority during a) Holy Week and b) camping!

I LOVED my desert wanderings in CA. Joshua Tree and Anze Borega (sp?) were both amazing.

A blessed Easter to you and yours.